I want to express my deepest gratitude to Rayna Rose and the entire Teen Tribe Program.

My daughter has just started her senior year of high school. A critical year for her. I truly believe this program will change her future. The knowledge, wisdom and confidence my daughter has gained is completely invaluable.

It has instilled a confidence in her that I have never seen before. My daughter lost her father at a young age. Rayna was able to set up an interview between my daughter and a very well-known social influencer who had also lost her father. She was able to ask questions to someone who truly understood and was able to give her sound advice. Questions she had never been able to discuss with me or ask to anyone else. I will be eternally grateful for this experience alone.

The skills she has learned from Teen Tribe have simple amazed everyone. I truly value and appreciate every part of my daughter’s experience and believe undoubtedly this program will have a major impact on her future. I was so afraid of the college process that is right upon us. She now has her college essays written and is filled with confidence and knows clearly the direction she wants her future to go. This program is priceless. I cannot thank you enough.

Charlotte Casson, Parent

Rayna has been a breath of fresh air in our household even though it is virtually!!!! Rayna was the exact person that Maeve needed to come into her life at the exact right time. I had been asking at meetings each year at school with no success for what Rayna came in and did naturally. Rayna saw everything that was special about Maeve. She unlocked her passions and fostered ways for them to shine while connecting her to a world that has also encouraged her. Maeve’s networking has expanded in so many ways as Rayna connects her to people that she knows. Rayna has encouraged Maeve to take some risks to start projects and even more so to step outside of her safety zone to venture into all types of media to hone her work. I am very thankful and appreciate all of the experiences that Maeve has had due to her work with Rayna.

Corinne Fecho

This summer, I participated in Teen Tribe, an International Mentorship program for teenagers. This was a six-week program to enhance leadership and speaking skills. Each week, we discussed short and long-term goals and the steps required to achieve them. During the meetings, we would have motivational speakers, such as a young writer for Forbes. One of my favorite activities was writing a thank you note to someone who has helped me in the past. The goals of this activity were both to strengthen our network by keeping in touch and to focus on gratitude. This program has inspired me to do more to impact my community and peers.

Jasmine Mail, 18, Participant

As a mother and Jewish professional who has worked with teens and young adults for years, I have never encountered anyone as dynamic as Rayna Rose Exelbierd. Her enthusiasm and ability to relate to kids is what gives her an advantage over other community leaders. Because of her approach, expectations set for Teen Tribe participants are eagerly met. I’ve never seen my daughter tackle an assignment with such determination as she did under Rayna’s supervision. Whether your child has lofty goals about one thing or is interest in everything, Rayna will show them how to focus, harness their drive and produce results. Teen Tribe arms kids with skills for life!

Alisa Chessler, parent

I was able to participate over the summer and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had! Rayna is the best mentor I could ever ask for!

She has helped me in so many ways, from helping me start my blog to getting me interviews with people in the horror industry!

Rayna works so hard to help your dreams come true. I highly suggest participating if you are able to! I made so many amazing connections and friends through the program!

Maeve Yanes, 15, participant

Rayna, I can not thank you enough for all you have done for my daughter Angelina. You have made such an impact on her life,the progress she has made in the few sessions you had mentoring her has given her such a positive attitude and she hasn’t been this happy in years. You have taught her so much in such a short period of time I know she is going to be successful and it is all because of what you are teaching her. They say people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime…. you are definitely a lifetime friend . Thank you for all you have done & continue to do.

Michelle Perez, Parent