Why not NOW?

Why not land connections for college internships while in high school?

When I was a teenager I didn’t think I was smart. I didn’t think I was pretty, and I was scared I would never be successful. I’d see other teens accomplishing big things and would always be so jealous. Getting involved with leadership and communication training at a young age TRANSFORMED my entire life.

It created opportunities to travel, build personal and professional connections, participate in public speaking, learn about different cultures, how to plan events, and most importantly increase my confidence. I learned connections and different experiences are what make you rich! The skills that have enabled me to operate my own business at 29 years old can change your life as a teen too!!!

If you publish articles, speeches or podcasts in college it’s not as impressive as if a TEEN published it! Get started now! Don’t spend your whole life wishing you wrote that book or started that business!

Telling yourself you’re not good enough or smart enough will never go away.

Fear of having to look good, never failing, comparing yourself to others, and self rejection are challenges women of all ages experience.

Don’t be like everyone else and wait until college to start networking for internships! The competition gets even harder as you get older.

What if you have nothing to put on your resume? Will you ever make one?

Put your goals closer in reach by getting a had start now!


  • Never Feel Left Out or like You’re Not Enough Ever Again!

  • No More fear in Situations With New People and Tools to Rock the Conversation

  • Learn Skills to Land Internships and Make Money Leveraging Your New Skills

  • Opportunity to be Heard, Feel in Service to other Teens, and Make New Friends From Around the World

  • New Found Confidence for Putting Yourself Out There and Being the First to Reach out

  • Direct access to Established Professionals in Various Fields

  • Stand Out and be Seen as a Leader and Expert

  • Go After What you Want, and Make Your Biggest Dreams Happen Even sooner!

  • This personal and professional skills training will enhance all areas of your lives.


  • Low Self Esteem and Small Network

  • Feeling in Competition With Other Teens

  • Social Media Causing Depression and Anxiety

  • Making New Friends

  • Can’t Talk About Certain Issues with Friends Back Home

  • Lack of Leadership and Professional Experience

  • Sounding Stupid

  • No Motivation and Accountability


  • Special Group Chat for Participants

  • Recommendation Letter Upon Completion

  • Opportunities and Mentorship to self publish- podcasts, articles, books, etc.

  • Access to bonus video content

  • Digital worksheets

  • Service Hours

  • CUSTOM JEAN JACKET upon completion of the program

Phase 1 Topics

Week One: When One Grows We All Grow: Conversational Skills

Workshop led by Rayna Rose to create a space for participants to connect and THRIVE in this course! In this class, girls will share their accomplishments, challenges, and short-term and long-term goals. This establishes a strong foundation of friendship and support for the course. 

Week Two: Looking Good vs Feeling Good: Creativity + Individuality + Self Respect 

Custom paint your very own jean jacket with two professional artists! Hear the truth behind the filter from model influencer and college student  Danielle Yablonka. Mary Beth Robbins will be on hand sharing her story of how she went from high school dropout to one of the very first female graffiti artists in Miami. 

Week Three: GPS 4 Your Goals: Confidence + Entrepreneurship + Direction

A vision board is a map to the future. Make a vision board with self-made millionaire and social media influencer Mauri Julliet to learn how to start visualizing your dreams now! Hear first-hand experiences how vision boards transformed her life in starting a business in this age, and how to grow confidence in the workspace. Whether you have a dream to live in Paris, record a music album, or making a sports team, the lessons learned here will last for life!

Week Four: Don’t Dimmer Your Shimmer: Mental Health and Dealing with Challenges

Is there such a thing as being too much? A yoga-based class facilitated by Jessica Jacobs.  Dance your heart out with professional dancer Carey Channing. This active class will give teens tools for navigating tough emotions. 

Week Five: Get Up Stand Up: Speaking Up and Community Service

You are your best advocate. Learn how to speak up for yourself and make an impact! Two trailblazing female attorneys from separate generations share their journeys emphasizing as women we have a right to be heard. Attorneys Pamela Polani and DeeDee Bitran exemplify this through their success in male-dominated fields. 

Week Six: It’s a Wrap!

Become a confident public speaker with former Miss Broward County Cairo Eubanks and Miss Black Teen South Florida and Non-Profit Founder Sudan Eubanks. A celebration of applying all the values we learned in Teen Tribe. 

Every week teens will have an opportunity to share what they’ve learned. In this final class, teens will share their own dreams on camera. Upon completion, all participants will receive a personal hype video filled with messages from the girls to remind them of their worth. Hearing their goals repeated out loud and kind words from others will serve to carry them through the school year with a sense of pride & confidence.


Girls aged 13- 18 years old who want to use their gifts to make the world a better place, help others, and make new friends!

All calls are recorded. It is highly recommended that teens attend all classes.

Refunds will only be given if the student has perfect attendance and has completed all homework assignments.

70 minutes for class and up to 30 minutes for homework. Never more than 2 hours.

Rayna has helped other teen tribe participants publish articles, conduct high profile interviews, and create blogs. This is contingent on the participation of the teen.